July 13, 2017
1 Year, 3 months and 3 days since
our celebration.

Welcome to the Jordan Family Reunions Website!

Please join us in celebrating ALL generations of the Jordan Family!

On behalf of the Jordan Family Reunion Planning Committee, we welcome you to our virtual space.
We invite all descendants of the Peach Henry Jordan Sr., Peach Henry Jordan Jr. and Washington (Wash) Jordan families to use this space to stay in touch with family members about planned events designed to celebrate the gift of family.  Know that your presence on this website and at events is welcomed, and will be honored and celebrated. 

We have created this website to be your one stop shop for critical event information and for fun updates.   Our reunion committee has been meeting since August, with the intention of planning an amazing celebration of our ancestors at the 2017 Jordan Family Reunion.  This year's event will be held on July 13-16th, 2017 in the Washington, DC area.  Building off our 2015 celebration of our elders, this year's event will focus on celebrating our ancestors.  

Please mark your calendars to be in Washington, DC from July 13th - 16th.  We hope to see you there!

If you have pictures that you would like to share with the family, please upload them on the 
Photo Albums page.

Many Blessings to All!

The Jordan Family Reunion Planning Committee

Family Picnic 2008
Family Picnic 2008

There will be lots
of time for food
and fellowship!

...and reconnecting
with family friends!

Peach H Jordan Jr. was a leader in what organization:

Little Rock Negro Teachers Union
The Little Rock 9
The Mosaic Templars
Neighborhood Watch Association of Little Rock
After this year's Gala Dinner, which option do you prefer?:

go to bed... it will be a long day
have a family cards & dance party at the hotel
Hang out on the town in DC
Don't make plans for me... I'm on my own!
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